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Skin Treatment, unique to you.

We are the pigmentation and melasma treatment experts. 

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"We treat, we don't sell.

-Dr. Li


We treat according to your skin care goals by focusing on what's best for you.


Sharing your skin care needs can be a sensitive topic.  We make the experience comfortable for you.

Results driven.

We treat only what is needed. When you look and feel great, we've succeeded.

With two locations in operation since 1997, we are excited to share we are expanding, with two more locations coming to a neighbourhood near you in 2023.



of successfully treating clients with our physician-led

approach to aesthetic skin treatments.

Our dedicated multidisciplinary team at Bio-International Laser Clinic are committed to offering our clients the highest-quality treatments, latest aesthetic technologies and evidence-based techniques in our practice.

As the field of medical aesthetics has evolved over the years, so has our dedication to our craft. In order to remain relevant and connected to our valued community of clients, we've recently rebranded. In rebranding our name from Bioscor Hair and Skin Clinic to Bio-International Laser clinic, we welcome to a new generation of clients from all ethnicities and backgrounds. 




​We are the first B.C. based clinic to offer several distinct treatments.


Bio-International Laser Clinic is the very first clinic to offer Pigmentation, Picosure and Fotona Laser Treatments in British Columbia. 


Our specialization in treating skin discoloration, unwanted pigmented lesions such as melasma, dark spots, sun spots, liver spots and age spots restore a youthful look and feel to your skin.


From microneedling to laser hair removal to non-surgical face lifts, the perfect treatment awaits you.



PicoSure and PicoWay are the world’s first picosecond aesthetic lasers with three optimal wavelengths for treating pigmentary conditions and overall skin revitalization.


Ultherapy utilizes microfocused ultrasound to generate a thermal effect to create the same depth of surgical treatment as skin lifts.

Our Story


Year 1996
Bio-International's North American International chain was established, and the very first location was in Burnaby, Canada.

Year 2006

Bio-International treatment list expanded from Crystal Peeling, Fruit Acid Peeling, to Advanced Cosmetic Medical Beauty Laser Peeling.

Year 2022

The Richmond and Langley Clinics will open to serve our clients more closely.

Our Story Continues ...

Year 2000

Bio-International Laser Clinic Chain expanded to other 4 locations in Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Year 2016

With continuous evolution of laser technology, Bio-International Laser Clinic has also equipped with numerous advanced medical and aesthetic laser technology, and has also relocated from the to the current address.

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