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Ulthera SPT System


Ultherapy, also called Ulthera, utilizing microfocused ultrasound to generate a thermal effect on the SMAS fascia layer, creates the same depth of surgical treatment as traditional skin lifts. The leading cause of aging is the displacement of the skin's SMAS, Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System, fascia, and collagen loss. Ulthera utilizes its high-efficiency focused sound energy (HIFU) principle, likened to a magnifying glass; it concentrates energy and accurately treats the tissue layers of the skin without wasting any shots.

The non-invasive treatment does not require surgery, and the effect can be seen immediately, lifting the eyebrows, lifting the contour line of the face, and tightening the neck skin. Ulthera has become a firming and lifting treatment for young working male/female and mature women/men. It is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts the neck, chin, and brow and improves lines and wrinkles on the upper chest. It has also passed the "Lifting" effect certification by FDA in the U.S. and Health Canada.

Ultherapy Ultrasound Lift Therapeutic Effect

The U.S. version of Ultherapy Treatments:

1. Two weeks after treatment: some micro-lifting and improvement of skin texture, as well as a feeling of firmness.

2. The first month after treatment: addition to slight lifting and skin texture improvement, a firmer and smoother skin texture.

3. Three months after treatment: more significant improvement in skin texture, firmer facial skin, lifted skin around the eyes, cheeks, and neck, and more pronounced improvement in the contour lines.

Ultherapy: improve skin sagging condition, lift fine lines, promote collagen reorganization in the dermis, and consistently regenerate collagen and elastin.

The effect can last for 1-2 years

How it works

Ultherapy uses transducers with various depths to customize and design treatments for different skin ages and problems to improve skin conditions that each customer worries about. Ultherapy transducers are mainly divided into three types: 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm. They are equipped with a patented real-time imaging system to monitor the depth of treatment by synchronizing ultrasound images during treatment to ensure a safe, accurate, and effective skin lift effect! Ultherapy can be carried out in both deep and shallow areas, treat deep sagging skin, and introduce a superficial firming effect! The Three Depths of Ulthera® DeepSEE® Transducers - 4.5mm for SMAS layer and platysma - 3.0mm for subcutaneous fat - 1.5mm for the superficial dermis - The applicable depths range between 1.5mm to 4.5mm and, in addition to acting on the fibrous septum, - Ulthera even reaches the deeper SMAS fascia layer. - Directly heat the SMAS fascia at 68-72℃ to stimulate the regeneration of deep collagen and elastic fibers. - A perceivable lifting and firming effect can be apparent in just one treatment, and the effect is long-lasting, potentially 1 to 3 years. - Focused ultrasound offers precise treatment without damaging the surrounding tissues. - The process is comfortable; there is no surgery nor trauma, so there is no need to worry about epidermal injury. - No recovery period, no impact on daily or work life
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