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EMsculpt NEO



EMSCULPT NEO ® is the world's only innovative patent HIFEM+TM combined with Synchrode RFTM dual technology, non-invasive for muscle enhancement and fat reduction medical beauty instrument, has been awarded the United States FDA and the European CE double safety and effectiveness certification. One machine double effect double energy -- directly stimulate motor neurons in muscle with high frequency, high magnetic force and heat energy, order 100% muscle fibre to produce extreme muscle contraction without pain, meanwhile, make fat cells apoptosis, reduce fat layer thickness, reach two times effect in 30 minutes.

To gain muscle and lose fat!

The new generation OF BTL EMSCULPTTM NEO, the new HIFEM+TM combined with Synchrode RFTM technology, bring the world's leading muscle and fat reduction efficiency, create more Fit & Firm lines!

+25% (HIFEM+™)

With the new HIFEM+TM high frequency contraction design, the muscle can produce high frequency contraction in 30 minutes, and the effect of increasing muscle can be seen quickly. Beyond normal exercise, 4 sessions are equivalent to 12-16 weeks of training. Synchrode RFTM releases heat, improves blood circulation and stimulates muscle growth.

Fat reduction +30% (Synchrode RFTM)

The first Synchrode RFTM technology can emit HIFEM+TM high-frequency contraction signal while releasing RF radio frequency, heating the adipose layer to 45 degrees, directly damaging the adipose cell tissue, the damaged adipose cell will be discharged from the body, reducing the thickness of the adipose layer, during the course of treatment can also feel comfortable temperature.

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